Winter Boba 4 oz Reed Diffuser

Winter Boba 4 oz Reed Diffuser

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Winter Boba is our Winter seasonal candle.  Have you had a boba milk tea drink?  If you have, you know that it is so delicious and the perfect treat at anytime of the day.  The milk tea is sweet and smooth, the boba chewy and delicious.  Boba milk tea drinks are a favorite beverage of choice for many locals in Hawai'i.

All diffusers come with a set of 6 reed sticks.

 Suggested usage:

  • Just insert the reeds and let the oil travel into the air.
  • Occasionally flip the reeds to release more of the fragrance.
  • You will need to replace your reed sticks every couple of months.

Scent time: 

  • 4 oz size - Four to six months.

*Note: Due to supply delays, the 4 oz Reed Diffuser will come with a gold top instead of a wood top

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