5 Ways to Indulge in Self-Care🛀

Nearly all of us are facing new challenges day by day, so we deserve a break here and there! As most of us spend more time at home where we now work, play, eat and sleep, we yearn for unique ways to find our escape. Here are some ways you can treat yourself to some much-needed "me time:"

1. Relax in a warm, soothing bath. After a long day, soak in your bathtub with our calming Guava Nectar + Lavender Bath Salts.

2. Turn on your favorite playlist. At Jules + Gem Hawaii, we're currently listening to the velvety R&B vocals of Daniel Caesar and Sabrina Claudio.

3. Not in the mood for music? Sit back and play a podcast! We’re loving Crime Junkies (lol), but feel free to pick one that suits your mood.

4. Steep a pot of tea that will relieve stress or anxiety like peppermint or chamomile and sip it from your special mug, all while soaking in your bath. 

5. Last but not least (how could we forget?), burn a candle! Create a tranquil ambience by lighting a candle in your fave Jules + Gem fragrance and basking in its warmth and scent. Also, be sure to check out our latest collaboration with Gold Drop Society, which features its top essential oil blends such as Calm Anxiety and Hormone Balance–perfect for self-care!



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