How to Create a Self-Care Kit

Rediscovering Journaling

I recently discovered that journaling is an important part of self care. I used to journal a lot as a teen, and would write down my thoughts every time I came across my crush of the month in school (LOL) or when my mother and I would argue after she would tell me something that I refused to listen to (now of course, I see it all was very wise :).

Since then, I slowly stopped journaling, especially after having my daughter and working full-time. I forgot how much it helped me to talk to myself in my journal. It provided a safe place where I could express myself and not feel judged or afraid. The other week, I was reminded of the many benefits of journaling. Now, remembering how it felt to write down my thoughts, this therapeutic activity has become a part of my self-care routine. I hope that this helps you in yours! If you were already doing journaling, good job–keep it up!

We hope you find your happy place, all while taking care of yourself.  Also, here are some items below to add to your self-care kit.  By creating a kit like this, you always have something to dive into when you're having a rough day or you just feel like treating yourself! 

"Find your happy place."

Self-Care Kit List

  1. Journal
  2. Tea or your choice of a relaxing beverage
  3. Fresh flowers
  4. Music
  5. Something delicious, like chocolate for me!
  6. Candles–of course

Cheers and happy journaling!



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