Making Your New Place Feel Like Home

Graduation season is here! As Hawaii graduates celebrate their significant accomplishments, many are ready to move on to more schooling or jobs, often away from home. It’s a bittersweet moment that can sometimes feel overwhelming, but here are some little things that can be done to make an unfamiliar place feel just like home. 

  1. Stock the pantry with Hawaii essentials like SPAM, Aloha Shoyu, rice, nori, and furikake. While these are all the ingredients to make a musubi, they’re also important in other dishes! Use SPAM in fried rice or kimchi stew and make shoyu chicken with Aloha Shoyu. The possibilities are endless when you have a stocked local-style pantry! 
  2. Add home accents to your living space. Support local artists like the ones at Mori by Art and Flea by purchasing prints for wall decor or other household items. Some of our favorites are this plumeria print and this shaka wall hanger—perfect conversation starters at your next home potluck. 
  3. Fill your room with scents that remind you of home. Our best-selling Pikake Reed Diffuser is the perfect way to keep your home smelling like a sweet pikake lei. Or, if you’re missing summers at home, our Lychee Room Spray will bring you back to eating fresh lychee on the lanai with your loved ones. 

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments!