We Welcome a New Fragrance to our Floral Collection

Did you know that puakenikeni translates to “ten-cent flower?” Reason being that its blooms were once strung and sold as ten-cent lei! Puakenikeni flowers are atill most often used to make lei here in Hawaii, and now we honor this island favorite with our newest collection launching this month!

When I started Jules + Gem, our line of candles featured scents inspired by the local homegrown fruits we grew up on, but more recently, we have been celebrating our tropical florals as well. I have always been a huge fan of fruits and food, but florals weren’t always my thing. In fact, when I graduated from high school, I refused to wear a haku lei because I just didn’t like it. I was very picky about my flowers...and still am!

When we decided to introduce floral notes into our product lines, I of course had to choose my (select few) beloved blooms.  Other than gardenia and pakalana, puakenikeni is one of my absolute favorites. The first floral candle we created was White Gardenia (shop it here!)–I have sweet memories of this flower as I used it in my wedding bouquet.  The second was Pakalana (shop it here!). My mom had the most fragrant vine in our backyard, and she would always place the buds on our kitchen table!

On August 21, we finally debut our Puakenikeni collection–mark your calendars! The scent of this flower is widely popular, but also nostalgic for me. As a teen, I loved this flower because there was a tree at my high school.  All the girls would pick the flowers and wear them in their hair.  These days, I adore its gorgeous color and love how the flower starts off with a light tinge then as it blossoms, it forms a darker orange hue.   

We’re excited for you to experience the latest collection! Here’s what you need to know about our Puakenikeni fragrance:

Mood: Musky + romantic


Top Clementine
Middle Jasmine, Neroli
Base White Musk


Available in our 7 oz candle, 4 oz room spray, 4 oz diffuser, 8 oz diffuser and roller perfume on August 21st.

Stay tuned for more updates! 



Owner, Jules + Gem HI

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