Tips for Spring Cleaning in 2021

Spring officially starts tomorrow, March 20! We love the spring season because it symbolizes new beginnings, it means our Tangerine + White Birch collection is back, and our favorite–spring cleaning.

Check out our top tips for positive clearing in your home and life in 2021, for good vibes all around!

1. Replace your old candles.

Then of course, replenish with new ones!  Bring the fresh smells of spring indoors and shop our favorite fruity and floral candles perfect for spring. 

Tangerine + White Birch 7 oz Candle
White Gardenia 7 oz Candle

2. Repurpose vessels from old candles.

Be sustainable! Use your empty candle vessels or glassware.  You can turn them into organizers for office supplies, a vase for your spring flowers and much more. Email us for more creative ideas on how to reuse our candle vessels!

3. Freshen up your reed diffusers.  

Sometimes we may tend to forget about our reed diffusers–we set them up when we first get them, but then they may disappear and blend into our other home decor.  This spring, take time to freshen up your home by dusting them off and flipping your reed sticks to release more of the fragrance! 


Tangerine + White Birch Reed Diffuser
Puakenkeni Reed Diffuser

4. Make sure you have enough room spray.

Check your room sprays to see if they are low, and if they are, replace them with new ones!  Be sure to select fragrances that are refreshing and clean.

Tangerine + White Birch Room Spray


Passion Fruit + Mint Room Spray

It’s always fun to change up the fragrances in your home according to the seasons even if you don’t experience seasonal changes, like here in Hawaii!  Switch out your candles, diffusers, room sprays and any other home fragrance accessories to create a new and fresh ambiance throughout your home!

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