Tangerine: Monthly Fragrance Spotlight

Spring is quickly approaching and so is the arrival of our seasonal fragrance, Tangerine! With a new season comes the opportunity to renew and restore your space, and what better way than with a clean fragrance! Formerly known as Tangerine and White Birch (don't worry it's still the same scent we all know and love!), Tangerine offers a fresh scent that brings in the energy of Spring--clean, bright, and ready for new growth. 

Although Tangerine has not traditionally been associated with the islands of Hawai'i, it does grow very well in the tropical climate and can be seen growing at many residences. Lana grew up with a Tangerine tree in her backyard which makes this fragrance a personal favorite for our founder. Because scents are very psychologically connected to our memories and emotions, she associates the smell of tangerines with the comfort of her childhood home.

Tangerines and other citrus fruit also hold significance in some cultures near and dear to the communities in Hawai'i. In this way, Lana pays homage to her Chinese heritage. Especially in the New Year, tangerines represent good luck, wealth, and happiness and the golden orange color signifies prosperity. 

We look forward to bringing you this seasonal scent with a new and refreshed look very soon! 

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