Self-Care for the New School Year

With COVID-19 outbreaks rising and lingering into this new school year for kids around the nation, the uncertainty and need to be ready for changes at any time is causing many of us stress. As a mother I feel for our kids who have to struggle with learning in our school systems during this period. Having to live their young lives social distancing, not being able to be active in their sports and extracurricular activities due to the limitations from this pandemic is impacting their development and future success.

I’ve been taking more time trying to help my child prepare for the school year and it is impacting my sanity. I’ve been needing to take extra time to do some self care and remind myself of the good things in life. My candles have been burning more often than usual in my home and my office just to get me through the day and night. Every day I’ve been needing to remind myself of things to be grateful for.

That being said, I’d love to share some affirmations with those of you experiencing similar situations or feelings. These can be used for yourself and your children. Starting your day with a positive mindset sets the stage for a successful day and ending it with gratitude – no matter what happens – makes for a restful night. Check them out below!

positive affirmations

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Take care and stay safe!


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