Passion Fruit + Mint: Monthly Fragrance Spotlight


One of our signature fragrances, Passion Fruit + Mint, is inspired by two refreshing and complimenting scents. Passion fruit, more commonly known as liliko’i in Hawai’i is an island favorite that is often used in delectable desserts and tasty drinks. The purple passion fruit is known to originate from Brazil, but the yellow passion fruit which made its way to Hawai’i in the early 1920’s is known to be native to Australia. 

Although both purple and yellow liliko’i grow in Hawai’i, the yellow variety is much more common. The golden-orange color inside the liliko’i shows the ripeness of the deliciously sweet and tart fruit that surround several black seeds that can be included in dishes for a fun crunchy texture. 

Though not often seen in lei, the passion fruit flower is also a sight to be seen. When fully bloomed, it attracts eyes with its vibrant colors and unique patterns.

Mint is a well known and incredibly versatile herb that is sure to add freshness to any dish, and especially any fragrance. The mint scent adds clean notes and compliments the sweet passion fruit aroma. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do (:

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