Make Mother's Day Special

As a mother, I have to say that it is one of the most difficult jobs I have ever held. I only have two daughters and looking back at how much my mother did for me and my siblings, I am in awe of her. We often as children look up to our parents as if they are superheroes and as adults, we come to realize they really are.

This is why we have a special day to celebrate our mothers who have done so much for us every day of the year!  If you have an amazing mom, show her how much you care in your own way.  My mom likes to talk on the phone!  She loves chatting and she loves being called upon when I need help.  I try to make an effort throughout the year to call her and ask for help, even if it's for something really small. 

Celebrating someone special can be done in so many ways.  I am someone who loves to give gifts to the people I care about.  How do you show someone you love them?

Here are ideas on ways to make mom feel special this Mother's Day!

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