Letter From The Owner

I can’t believe it has been seven years since I started Jules and Gem Hawaii.  It feels like yesterday that I was making candles in my home and scraping wax off my floors.  I started Jules and Gem with the idea to create Hawai’i fragrance products that I would love to use while being away from home.  I lived on the mainland for some time and missed the food, the smells, my family and the culture of our islands.  Burning candles was always a comforting way for me to relax and reflect on my day.  I made it my mission to make candles with fragrances that depict our Hawai’i florals and fruits as accurately as possible.  After seven years, we have made a lot more than just candles.  Now we have reed diffusers, perfume and car fresheners to name a few.  

We have grown so much in the seven years we have been in business and we owe that all to you.  You have embraced our company and have supported us through enjoying our products and sharing them with your loved ones.  We have heard so many stories of how you discovered our Jules and Gem products; as a gift from family members or friends, walking through a hotel boutique, experiencing it in a friend's home or car.  Some of our favorite stories we’ve heard over the years are the ones about how our fragrances remind them of family members who have passed away.  It means so much to us that our products bring comfort and happiness to those memories.  Thank you for sharing your stories with us and continuing to support our small business.  We always aim to give you the best product and we appreciate all your feedback over the years to improve and grow.  

Thank you for being a Jules and Gem Hawai’i fan.  Here’s to seven years!


Lana Gronwald
Owner, Jules and Gem Hawaii

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