How to Repurpose and Reuse Candle Glassware

Hi everyone!  We're back with another "how-to" blog this month, and this time we're sharing how to repurpose and reuse your candle glassware once it has run out of wax.  Not only do you create new cocktail glass or flower vase for yourself, but it's also a sustainable and eco-friendly way to save your Jules + Gem products!

How to Clean and Reuse Your Glassware

See below for five simple steps to cleaning out the candle wax and reusing the glassware for everyday use!

1. Burn your candle through! 

2. Place your candle glass in the freezer overnight.

3. Take out the candle glass and remove the wick along with the extra wax. You’ll see that the wax has separated from the glass pretty easily.

4. Wash your glass with dish soap and water thoroughly.

5. Now you can use it as a household item.  Our candle glassware is actually a highball 8 oz glass! Reuse it to serve refreshing cocktails to your guests or yourself...We make Mai Tai cocktails in ours!

Shop these candles for the perfect cocktail glass...

Guava Nectar, 7 oz candle
Pakalana, 7 oz candle
Passion Fruit + Mint, 7 oz candle

...And there you have it!  These are our simple steps to remove the wax from your candle, and repurpose it into your cocktail glass.  There are many other ways to reuse your glassware like using it to organize office supplies, store jewelry pieces, or hold flowers.  The possibilities are endless!  Show us how you repurpose your candle glassware and tag us @julesandgemhi, and you might just make it onto our Instagram!

Cheers (literally!),


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