How to Enjoy Some Self-Care

Make it easy to self-care.  Pick and choose how to treat yourself from your own personalized self-care menu! What do you enjoy doing to enjoy some self-care?

How I Enjoy Self-Care

  1. Walking or running outdoors near the ocean or in nature.
  2. Catching up with friends!
  3. Tea time while reading or watching my favorite shows.
  4. Soaking in a bath tub.
  5. Beach day! I love pretty much every beach on the island, lol.
  6. Definitely sleeping in on my days off!
  7. Dining out when I can at my favorite restaurants. My favorite restaurant is Haleiwa Joe’s. :)
  8. Baking or cooking something new. I love to make dishes I’ve never tried before, and most of the time they have come out pretty great!  I also love to plate food and make it look too pretty to eat. When I have time to do it, it is so satisfying.
  9. Listening to music.
  10. Doing spa days with my daughter while watching chick flicks. :)

Here's another example of a "self-care menu."

Cheers to taking care of yourself!


Lana and the J+G ‘ohana

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