Self-Love: The Most Empowering Love

We often hear cliche and over-used phrases like "The most important love is self-love" and "You cannot love anyone else until you truly love yourself" but we've heard it so many times because it's true. We all want to be happy, and of course, we all want to feel loved. But why is loving ourself so integral in feeling loved by others?

How we treat and love ourself can be directly translated into how we treat others. Treating our loved ones with respect, empathy, and compassion starts with giving all those things to ourself. Not only does self-love impact our loved ones, but it can directly impact our overall quality of life. True self-love can reduce stress and anxiety, increase self-esteem, and help prevent burnout. It can help us feel in control, gives us a greater sense of purpose, and build resilience when times get tough. 

Practicing self-love can look different for each person depending on their preferences, their lifestyle, and their environment. We are encouraged to explore methods and practices that work best for us and implement them into some sort of routine to maintain a healthy relationship with ourself. If you're not sure where to start, hopefully you can take some inspiration from the following.

Self-love can look like:

  • Setting aside time for yourself. Whether it be time to relax or time for a personal adventure, finding time to fill your cup is so important to achieving balance in your life.
  • Reflecting on your experiences. This can be through journaling, scrolling through old photos, talking story with a loved one, or recreating an experience. Having a greater understanding of our past is a helpful way to inform our future.
  • Positive affirmations. It can be difficult to combat insecurities and feel 100% confident at all times. Try writing or saying affirmations to build trust with yourself and begin breaking down the scary voice in your head.
  • Treating yourself, cause you deserve it :) You deserve to celebrate your successes, no matter how great or small. Treat yourself to a snack, a purchase you've been sitting on, a little getaway, or anything that makes you happy.
  • Refreshing your environment. Your space has a huge impact on your headspace, so giving it a refresh and revamp every once in a while can be very beneficial! This also doesn't need to be anything drastic, it can be a new plant, a new picture on your wall, even just rearranging a few pieces of furniture. 

These are just a handful of ideas, but we'd love to see how you practice self-love! Feel free to message us or tag us if you decide to share your self-love. <3

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