A Letter from Our Founder: It's Our Fourth Anniversary!

Four years ago we opened our first store on Etsy and since then, it’s been a whirlwind experience!  From learning to make the perfect candle, to blending and finding fragrances that truly smell like the unique Hawaii fruits and florals, to adding new fragrance products to our line, and much more, we have grown immensely in this small window of time.

This past year we also experienced HUGE growth in our team. Thank you to Kaylin, Abby, Brandi, Neah, Courtney and Shawna for your support, time and effort in making Jules + Gem Hawaii the best it can be! I couldn’t do it without all of you.

To our friends and family who have supported us by buying our candles and sharing them with others, thank you for all your love!

Lastly, to each and every one of you who have become fans of Jules + Gem Hawaii, thank you for giving our fragrance products a chance and for your continued support throughout the years. I still remember our very first customers and recognize your names every time a sale comes through online. I hope we can always create what you originally fell in love with at Jules + Gem HI and continue to create more for you in the future.

Also, don't forget to shop our anniversary sale now until Sunday, April 18!


With all my love,
Lana Gronwald
Owner and Founder
Jules + Gem Hawaii

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