Spring into Renewal with this Tangerine Mocktail!

You asked, so we delivered! Our Tangerine fragrance is back just in time for spring. Springtime symbolizes rebirth, renewal, and all the good vibes that come with it! Often, people take this time to declutter and clean their spaces to make room for positive change. While cleaning up can be relaxing to some, it can also get tiring! That’s why we created a mocktail recipe to go with our Tangerine fragrance. Next time you’re itching for a midday break, make this refreshing drink and sit down to enjoy a quiet moment. 

Tangerine Fizz


¾ cup fresh tangerine juice 

½ tablespoon fresh lemon juice

2 tablespoons sugar 

Sparkling water (enough to top)

Ice (enough to fill glass)

Optional: rosemary sprig for garnish 


  1. Combine tangerine, lemon, and sugar into a cocktail shaker. 
  2. Add ice into a tall glass, and strain contents from the shaker into the glass.
  3. Top with sparkling water
  4. Add a rosemary sprig for garnish. To add extra rosemary flavor and aroma, lightly roll the rosemary sprig with a rolling pin before adding it to the glass.
  5. Enjoy!