Five Creative Ways to Use Your Candles for Halloween

We're less than a week away from Halloween! Although most of us won't be going out taking part in our normal festivities such as attending haunted houses or going trick-or-treating, we can still enjoy this fun and scary holiday indoors. All you need are pumpkins and candles (which you probably already own, thanks to us hehe!). 

Here are five creative ways to celebrate Halloween simply using our J+G candles, some some pumpkins and a few other materials.

1. Decorate your dinner table.

Line up your candles across the dining table, and arrange with greenery (we love eucalyptus leaves!) and mini pumpkins in between.

2. Place fall leaves, acorns or other fall-inspired foliage in a glass vase and place a candle on top for home decor.

3. Create a fun door display with candles, hay stacks, pumpkins, and maybe even skulls for an extra spooky vibe!

4. Use your candle to light up your Jack-o-lantern. 

Simply carve out a scary face in your pumpkin then place your candle in the middle to illuminate it!

5. Use your 2 oz soy candles for keiki Halloween glow-in-the-dark lanterns. Click here to learn how to make them.

Please practice good candle safety and be sure to always keep an eye on your candles while they're lit and don't burn them for more than four hours. 

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Have a "wick"-ed Halloween all! 


Lana and the J+G HI ‘ohana

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